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Southern Ohio Youth Association members are being ultra organized. You can now sign up to work your NYATT and Scholarship hours. You will even be sent a reminder the day before. This will help our horse shows to continue to run smoothly and you to be more organized.

You can find all SOQHA opportunities by clicking the icons below.

The Challenge

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The Madness

Those trying for NYATT team must work a total of 6 hours by July 31.

Youth Scholarship applicants must complete 8 hours. Thru a combination of hours and meetings by July 1.

You must complete and turn in a time card. (Multiple hours can be written on one time card) Time cards are available at the horse shows and can be found at the Youth Advisors stalls. It is recommend that you take a picture or make a copy of your time card for your records also.

Parents may work for half of your hours. This does not include siblings & friends.

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