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2023 Point Standings

Year End Points click here

SOQHA points are final for 2023!!

Any questions, reviews, etc. must be submitted before November 1 2023

Questions regarding Year End points please contact

NYATT Points click here 

In order to receive Southern Ohio Quarter Horse Association points:

• Only points from the three SOQHA show will count toward year end awards – The Challenge, The Madness and The Summer Finale

• Both the owner and the exhibitor must be a current SOQHA member

• For the Small Fry Division – only the exhibitor must be a SOQHA exhibitor

• No out of area youth awards will be given

• Youth must be an Ohio resident

• Points towards year end awards are calculated using a 30 point scale

• NYATT points use your 10 best shows during the qualifying period and are calculated using a 30 point scale

For more information please visit our bylaws

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